SPECIAL BUNDLE: Residence, Meal Plan, Shuttle Service $849/month



5706 Ferry St, Niagara Falls, ON

Benefits of CCTT Residence:
• Priority access to on-campus job opportunities
• Priority access and proximity to job opportunities with our employer partners off-campus (Niagara Falls has part-time work available in tourism, hotels, restaurants, etc.)
• Individualized job search support from Residence Advisors
• Organized residence activities
• Only first month’s payment to secure spot

Included in Price:
• Fully furnished accommodation
• Wifi and utilities
• 24/7 security monitoring
• Organized residence activities
• Access to common areas, study lounges, activities room and workout spaces

Meal Plan

Our meal plan offers a variety of Canadian, Indian, and other cuisines to cater to your tastes, including vegetarian options. Students will be provided with 2 meals a day, and there are two plans to choose from:

• 5 day meal plan (included in SPECIAL residence bundle)
• 7 day meal plan (additional $100/month)

Students living in residence are not able to opt out of the meal plan.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle buses transport students directly back and forth between the campus and the residence facility. Students in residence receive access to shuttle service for free. Students that are not living in residence, but wish to utilize our shuttle service, may purchase a shuttle pass. More information on our shuttle service can be found on our transportation page.

Before coming here, I was worried about how the Sheridan at CCTT residence is going to be but when I started staying here, I am happy with the facilities given and support from the college staff.
Navdeep Thakur

We get home like comfort and good food delivered at Sheridan at CCTT residence so we can say it feels like home sweet home when we come back from college campus.
Ishika Kaushik

Living at Sheridan at CCTT residence has been a good experience. We have good rooms with nice views. We have all the facilities and good food.
Irfan Khan

The residence has an amazing atmosphere which gives us a positive vibe. It feels like a home away from the home.
Nandini Rajora