Sheridan at CCTT Program

Mechanical Technician — CNC & Precision Machining

Ontario College Diploma | 2 years | Co-op

Program Description

In our Mechanical Technician – CNC & Precision Machining diploma program, you’ll learn in the classroom and in our state-of-the-art tool making facility. This program prepares you for an apprenticeship and a strong career as a mechanical technician.

Co-op opportunity: on-the-job training

In your second year of the program, you may be eligible for a co-op work term. This would give you up to 2,000 hours of tool-making work experience that you can apply towards your apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship in-school training requirements

As part of this diploma program, you may also get credit for Level 1 and Level 2 of your apprenticeship in-school training requirements.

Work with advanced tool-making technology

Become skilled in:
• Precision Machining
• Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming
• Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
• Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)

Admission Requirements

Program Eligibility

Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, including these required courses:
• One English, Grade 12 (ENG4C or ENG4U)
or Mature student status.

Applicant Selection

Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for this program may be advised individually regarding other related programs.

English Language Proficiency

All applicants whose first language is not English must meet Sheridan at CCTT’s English proficiency requirements.


Some of the courses you can expect to take in your program:

  • CNC Setup and Machining
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Precision Machining
  • Tooling and Fixturing for CNC
  • Trade Calculations
  • Introduction to Industrial Mechanical Drawings

The fast route to apprenticeship — and to a career in tool making