Health and Wellness

To ensure international students have access to health care while studying at Sheridan CCTT, health insurance coverage is mandatory and the cost is included in the tuition fees. Registered students will be automatically enrolled into a health insurance policy provided by insurance. The policy is for urgent, emergency based coverage and is valid all over the world except for the student’s country of origin. 

Health Insurance Card

You will receive a welcome email from the health insurance provider,, on your Sheridan College email within a month of the start of the term with an attached file of your health insurance card. Once you receive the email, please make sure to create an account on the website, per the instructions provided in the email. Your username will be your Sheridan College email. You will need to create a separate password for your account. 

Submitting a Claim

When you seek medical care, you will either be asked to pay upfront for any fees or the medical care facility will directly bill the insurance provider, 

If you go to a medical care facility that does not have direct billing with and you pay for any eligible medical services, you must keep your receipts and submit a claim to to be reimbursed for what you paid. Claims can be submitted through your account.  

More Information

We highly advise you to visit the website🔗 to learn more on the following: 
• Policy dates based on program start date 
• Policy information (what is covered)
• How to access account and card 
• Early Arrivals 
• Search for health care facility (list of clinics in your area) 
• Adding dependents (if applicable) 
• MobileDOCTOR 
• Contacting 
• Resources to stay healthy 
• Recent graduates 
• Frequently Asked Questions

Webinar – Health Insurance Information Session

Watch this Health Insurance Information Session 🔗 (access with your to learn more about your policy and how to use it. 

Mental Wellness

Mental health is just as important as your physical health, especially when moving to a new country and starting a new chapter in your life. Mental health support is provided by’s Keep.meSAFE program. We recommend familiarising yourself with the support and resources available through the Keep.meSAFE Mental Wellness Student Support Program

Watch this Health Insurance Information Session to learn more about your policy and how to use it