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Fall 2023 applications are now open

The Canadian College of Technology and Trades (CCTT) is a fully accredited, designated learning institution (DLI). CCTT’s campus is located near the world famous Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. CCTT offers diplomas and career training programs. 

Partnership with Sheridan College

Sheridan College and CCTT partnering to fill Ontario’s skilled trades gap

To address the significant shortfall of skilled workers in Ontario, Sheridan College is partnering with the Canadian College of Technology and Trades (CCTT).

“We are committed to delivering industry specific training to support local labour market needs and provide growth skills to neighbouring regions. We are partnering with Sheridan College for the betterment of the community economy.”
— Paul Liu | President, CCTT


Sheridan at CCTT Advantages

  1. Employment search support for jobs after graduation through partnership with local industry

  2. Partnership with local associations for job placement

  3. Potential for field placement

  4. Course content designed to labour market demand to increase individual market value

  5. Free consultation and professional assistance for permanent resident application

  6. Flexible start dates and year-round access for early completion

  7. Flexible hours for class to five opportunities for internship during study period

  8. Lower cost and financial aids may apply